This blog will be dedicated to sharing my journey as a novice storyteller as I attempt to create my first novel.  Check out the “About” tab above for some background.

As I began this process I came to the realization I am just one more in a plethora of beginning novelists. So the title of the blog, “Another Blooming Novelist” reflects this fact plus, the word “Blooming”, involves a double entendre.  It  can be understood in two contexts.  First, in the straightforward manner that hopefully I will blossom into a writer who is able to construct an entertaining read.  Second, in the ironic manner of just another blooming newbie, who is crazy enough to attempt to get a story out of his head and onto paper.

I will try to post updates on a monthly basis to let you know how the process is proceeding.  Enjoy!!


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8 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Kathy Simon Zack

    Great idea! Looking forward to your updates!


  2. Best wishes as you embarq on this great journey!


  3. Ava and David

    Hi, excited for you and looking forward to share in your exciting journey as an aspiring author. Hugs from ur favorite inlaws!!!!!!!!!! Happy Turkey Day!


  4. Sue- Sue Stillman

    Would look forward to hearing about your progress.


  5. Bill White

    Hi Mark – this blooming blog is a great idea. I don’t do FW or Twitter but I ‘like’ the chance to follow the evolution. Bill


  6. Sande Ross

    I look forward to watching your process unfold. Thanks for including me!


  7. charlie feldbaum

    Lisa and Charlie Feldbaum look forward to seeing you on the New York Times Best Seller list!!


  8. Sande Ross

    Mark, Please let me know that you’re received this, I hope I’m on board now! Sande


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