How does the desire to write a novel start?  I imagine there could be many reasons.  Perhaps an interesting story presents itself.  A teacher inspires.  Your job involves writing and you want to take it to the next level.  Initially none of these infected me with the feverish yearning to write.

My muse originated an all male neighborhood book club entitled “No Wives, No Wimps or NW2”.  We have been meeting monthly for close to 30 years.  Our club consists of a group of professionals including businessmen, lawyers, doctors, clergy, and even one published novelist and a Minnesota Supreme Court justice.  Yes, men can get together and talk about concepts and feelings.

Sometime after our tenth anniversary we concluded that the club should write a novel.  Each participant would write one chapter and then the next person would develop the story from there.  We joked it was a “stream of consciousness” approach to writing.  After half of the club wrote their chapters, I was instructed to find some common theme for this “stream” of our action thriller.  Although my attempt did not result in any critical acclaim, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and was hooked.

I began to think about other story lines.  Articles in the newspaper would stimulate my imagination and, as I mentioned in the “About” tab above, I began to take notes.  A story was percolating, but sometimes my brain would go dormant and then be stimulated awake months or years later.

Then the 2007 economic recession hit.  To assuage my clients in the late fall of that year; I began to write weekly market updates.  I was attempting to inform but, at the same time, make the update enjoyable to read.  In March of 2009, the market bottomed and turned upward.  The market crisis seemed to be over, and in June, I switched to monthly updates.  These continued until my retirement at the beginning of May 2012.

The updates got positive feedback from my clients and colleagues, which once again fueled the desire to write a novel.  With retirement upon me, I had no excuses.  So the big adventure into the unknown now begins.

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November 30, 2012 · 8:37 pm

One response to “IN THE BEGINNING

  1. Can’t wait to follow along on your process and progress, Mark! Excited that you are taking the plunge. Inspiring!


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