During my course at the Loft, my instructor, Kate, advised us to create a network of writers.  When my cousins, Michael and Cookie Goldman, found out I was attempting to write a book, they mentioned someone they knew who was also writing.  At the end of August, I had the opportunity to have lunch with John Rogers.  He had already finished the rough draft of his first novel and was working on his draft for the second.

John described his process and background.  I listened intently.  He then asked me about my background.  I described being a lawyer and then a mid-life career change to investment management.  John got excited.  His second book involved the manipulation of financial instruments.  He asked me if I could read and critique it to see if he was on track.  I was flattered and agreed.

He then asked me about the concept for my novel.  I described it.  When I got to the part about the alien microbe, John smiled.  He informed me that at one point in his career he was involved in molecular biology.  Without prompting, John stated he could help me with any issues on this topic.  Now I knew why Kate advised us to network.

Another networking opportunity arose later in September when I ran into a colleague of mine, Mark Vitelli.  During our conversation, I told him I was writing a novel.  Mark introduced me to Therese Pautz, a friend of his who was also writing a novel.  After exchanging several emails, Therese and I met for coffee in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.  We immediately bonded over the discussion of the writing process.  She was much further along than me and discussed what she had learned.  My only regret was that I did not bring anything to write down all the information she was imparting.  It turned out that this was not a problem.  Therese took the time out of her busy schedule involving work, three children, and writing to send me the information in an email.  Simply amazing!

My little group of writers was beginning to build and in future post I will disclose how I have met other writers.  I continue to meet with both John and Therese.  She, in fact, published her novel, Rain and Revelation, in December of 2012.  I would recommend it highly!  A fascinating story and a great read!!

September was again filled with life.  It continued to make writing consistently very difficult.  With my chapter on Richard Thayer finished, I could now focus on writing a scene that I have been thinking about for a long time.  It involved a confrontation between Elizabeth Crane, my female Navy Seal, and Richard Thayer who was also attempting to become one.  After a full day of activity during training, they ran into each other on the grinder, a cement asphalt area where calisthenics workouts took place.  As the first woman attempting to become a Navy Seal, Thayer began to taunt her.  Elizabeth responded.  A partial, rough draft “taste” of this scene is as follows:

At this taunt, Thayer simply pushed her away to create some space between them.  Elizabeth’s legs got crossed up and she lost her balance, hitting her butt hard on the cement floor of the grinder. Those around them moved away giving them room as Thayer towered over her.  After being surprised and then mad for falling, she quickly regained her composure.  In one fluid movement, she braced, by putting her two arms behind her, and pushed her body off the floor while simultaneously sweeping both of her legs toward Thayer, knocking his feet from under him.  With a loud thump, Thayer and Crane now were facing each on the grinder.  He initially was stunned and then took notice of how quickly she had moved.

“Un-fucking believable”, he thought to himself.

As instructor Boyd approached the grinder eyeing the situation, he growled, “Looks like you two have some extra energy this evening.  Both of you roll over into the push-up position and get to your feet”.

Thayer and Crane simultaneously rolled and then jumped from the push-up position on to their respective two feet.

Instructor Boyd then yelled, “Let’s take this to the beach and resolve it!”

Thayer and Crane responded together, “Hoo-ra, Instructor Boyd!”

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  1. jake

    Interesting stuff. Keep on writing and learning!


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