Time seems to accelerate faster as I grow older.  I am now constantly amazed that another year has dropped into the history books.  From a blooming novelist’s perspective, here are some quick reflections about the past year and look into the future.

The 2013 journey has definitely been fun and rewarding.  It began by meeting with Therese Pautz and discussing her newly published novel and the rigors of self-publication.  It ended with my rough draft reaching three hundred plus pages and the concept of a trilogy.

In between, my informal writers group expanded to seven members.  Our discussions provided insights and perspectives.  It was definitely fun to connect with people who shared the joy and angst of writing.

I also discovered how the publishing business is evolving.  The traditional route is still alive and well.  It involves an editor, in your genre, promoting your work to various publishing houses.  Getting an editor interested is extremely hard since the competition is fierce, and there is no guarantee a publisher will even be interested.  The non-traditional route is self-publication.  This route is becoming more mainstream and even some of the traditional publishing houses are jumping on board.  By the time I get ready to publish in 2015, the industry will most likely morph into something different.  It will be interesting.

Through a local networking group, I met several editors who enlightened me on the next steps after a rough draft was done.  It involved having your work critiqued or joining a group of writers to “work shop” your novel’s concept and style.  I found a path that was a little different by hiring a writing coach who is also an editor.

Finally, I met various people who gave me a deeper understanding of different aspects of my story.  For example, I listened to surfers about their sport and where to find more in depth information.  I bounced my microbiology ideas off several people in academia and the industry in an attempt to test the reality of my suppositions.  Again, I have been amazed how, at every turn, people are willing to take the time to listen and provide information to make the story as authentic as possible.

The future now waits as 2013 comes to an end.  I face the challenge of taking the various elements of my story and molding them into three separate books.  A trilogy does seem daunting, but I am encouraged by my “writing coach” to re-vision my story.  To accomplish this task, I will definitely need to polish my writing skills.

So as 2013 comes to a close, I want again to thank you for following my journey.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  May you have a wonderful 2014 filled with good health and happiness!

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  1. Kendel Ohlrogge

    I enjoyed that thanks. Bloom on, my friend.


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