With the assistance of Alida, I continued to brainstorm this month about my story and characters within the construct of my trilogy.  At times it was daunting as I thought back to when I first started writing over a year and a half ago.

I was extremely naïve.  I simply thought I could sit down, after my introductory course at The Loft, and the novel would flow from my brain onto the page.  Reality struck hard as my first draft rolled toward completion.  I had all the elements basically in place.  The characters arose and were formed.  The story progressed, but definitely in a disjointed fashion.  I had accomplished the task of getting it out of my head and onto the page, but something was missing.

At first I struggled to define it.  Did I need to simply reorganize what I had done to make it flow better?  Should I tighten the language in each chapter?  Do I need to completely revise sections?

Then I met Alida and I realized the answer was simple.  I need to work on the craft of writing.  Like most matters in life, it is a process that I am just beginning to understand and develop.  As I proceed, I have found it both frustrating and challenging.  Frustrating because I want to sit down and just finish the story.  Challenging because I need to be patient and complete the exercises that will result in a more cohesive story that will hopefully engage my reader.

When approaching something new, I have discovered that self-doubt and apprehension creep into the consciousness at the beginning.  The trick is to ignore these whispers, brush them aside, and move forward full throttle into the unknown.  As I have stated in the past, I am looking forward to these challenges.  I am hopeful they will make me a better writer.  So into the breach I jump!  Damn the torpedoes!  Straight ahead until creativity is reached on the other side.


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3 responses to “A CONFESSION: FEBRUARY 2014

  1. Kendel Ohlrogge

    Good for you. Im having a little writers block (more like writers laziness I think its a side effect of winter cabin fever).


  2. Bryan Rubin

    Exciting post! See you next week.


  3. annie

    great post dad!


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