The above quote is a song written by Bob Dylan, a Minnesota boy, and was the title of his third studio album released on January 13, 1964.  But do you know the seven other artists who also sang this song? (see answer below)

In 1964 I was a sophomore in high school.  To answer my question, even 30 years after my sophomore year (the Internet became widely available in mid-90’s), I would have to rely on the Dewy Decimal System. This system would require that I leave home and travel to my local neighborhood public library.

Upon entering the library, my first step would be to determine what class of books might contain the answer to my question.  Usually I would ask the librarian.  In my specific case, I would be directed to class “700-Arts and recreation”.  The librarian would point out which rectangular box of blonde drawers would contain the 5 by 8 index cards that listed books dealing with arts and recreation.  Upon approaching these drawers, I could search by either author or subject matter.  Or at least this is my current recollection.  I would have to pause for a moment to determine the best way to reduce my search down for a successful outcome.  Should I search by folk music, rock and roll, or perhaps by Bob Dylan?

Once I found the index cards that listed the most promising books, I would write down the Dewy Decimal number and proceed to search the library for my books.  The library had rows and rows of books. Each row had multiple shelves containing hundreds of books running from the floor toward the ceiling. To help me, each row of books would have a list of Dewy Decimal numbers on the end cap telling me the range of numbers existing down that specific row.  After entering the correct row, I would have to look for the Dewy Decimal number located on a small, white area along each book’s binder. Upon finding the book, I would have to scan its table of contents or look in its index for references to my topic.  If the book did not have the information, I would proceed to the next number on my list to find another book. On occasion, my initial assumption on what to search for in the index cards would be incorrect.   I would then not find the information.  In this case, I would either have to swallow my pride and ask the librarian for assistance or modify my search.  This could require another visit to the dreaded blonde drawers.  Sometimes the book I sought would have already been checked out.  In this case, I would place my name on a waiting list.  Obviously, doing research in the past was a laborious affair.

In today’s world, the Internet has completely revolutionized this research process. In less time than it took to write this post, I had the answer to my question.  I simply typed in the above quotation into the Google search box and within a few seconds, I had my answer.

I have found the Internet an invaluable tool for my own research.  My trilogy so far has involved numerous topics that I have absolutely no knowledge about and some that required refreshing my memory. Some of these topics are: Brain function, the human vascular and nervous systems, adrenaline, surfing, weaponry, Navy Seals, hydrothermal vents, and marine life.

ANSWER: So did you guess all seven? They were:  The Byrds, Simon and Garfunkel, Joan Baez (not a surprise since they were romantically involved), The Beach Boys (a surprise to me), Peter, Paul, and Mary, Phil Collins, and Bruce Springsteen.


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3 responses to ““THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN” – MARCH 2014

  1. jfarkel@aol.com

    What a wonderful, through description of something that will soon be forgotten. J&J


  2. Kendel Ohlrogge

    Nice blog. I had no idea so many others covered that song.


  3. Bryan Rubin

    Nice post! Did you work on this while you were up with us in Palo Alto?

    Congrats on the Twins taking 2 out of 3 in Cleveland…


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