Taking the deadline pressure off, I began to write again with joy instead of blind determination.  Wrote a little each day for the first week of the month, before our family took a trip to the Canadian Rockies.  The writing paused as I relished being with my children, their significant others, and spouse.  If you have never gone, I would encourage you to do so.  The majestic peaks, tall evergreens, rushing rivers, and crystal clear lakes will cause you to take a deep breath and sigh in wonder.

Although nothing was written in the Rockies, I still thought about the novel by making notes on characters and plot.  The evolution is constant.  My story has dramatically changed since I began.  To be honest, I hardly recognize it.  I believe this is one of the more pleasurable issues in writing fiction.  The story has gone in directions I did not contemplate in the beginning.  Some of the characters are the same, but they have changed.

For example, one of my main characters, Donna Jenssen, started out as a nurse.  I thought this was the best way to introduce her to my other main character, Alex Hunt.  Alex is a surfer in Santa Cruz, California.  Now Donna is a marine biologist.

Initially the nurse and surfer have a torrid affair after meeting in the hospital.  They still have a torrid affair, but Donna, as the marine biologist, arrives in Santa Cruz to investigate the incident that put Alex in the hospital.

As the evolution continues, it will be interesting to discern how it changes through various rewrites.  My objective is to create a page-turning story that keeps the reader engaged.  At the end, I hope my audience will find it a fun, entertaining read.

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  1. David S

    The story will lead you…I look forward to reading it.


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