I have reached an impasse.  Is it writer’s block?  No, not really.  Motivational?  Yes, in part.  I believe motivation is currently lacking since I have not touched the first draft of my trilogy for sometime.  Oh, I could list several excuses such as travel or lack of time, but upon further self-analysis, I came to a different conclusion.

Fear!  The fear of producing something that is simply terrible because I lack the skills.  My lack of motivation is buried deep in my consciousness.  Why am I doing this?  My draft is simply crap!

Then enlightenment arose from an article I was required to read for my writer’s workshop.  The title was “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott (it was an excerpt from her book on writing entitled Bird by Bird).  Basically, Ms Lamott stated that all first drafts are terrible.  A writer simply has to get the story on the page and then start the revision process to improve it.

All right, I will try to begin writing again and complete my first draft.  Then a line popped into my head.  Yoda, in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, stated to a frustrated Luke Skywalker, “Try not, do…or do not. There is no try”.


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4 responses to “EXCUSES, EXCUSES

  1. Kendel Ohlrogge

    I loved that. Shitty First Drafts and the Yoda quote. I needed that inspiration too.

    I’m back in Minneapolis for the Holidays but am planning on returning to Florida mid-January and staying through april.

    Good to hear from you.


  2. You’re right on point about fear, at least for me. My first writing group experience was like showing up naked to a beach volleyball game with 30-something hardbodies. But the other truth is, as one of my writing group friends said, “writing without critique is like playing tennis with yourself.” Who ever said writing was easy on the ego?


  3. So right, Mark! The first draft is always, by definition, shitty. But always there are those gems that show up when the rewriting starts. Maybe it’s like the bear scat pile I missed two years ago in our yard. It was out of the way, and when I came across it, I just left it to dry out. Last spring, there was the sweetest little baby Ponderosa growing on the spot. Takes faith, and letting the work go on.


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