My impasse has been broken.  I resolved an issue between two characters.

A chapter ended with an argument and both of them left angry.  Initially, I followed their disagreement with several chapters outlining their emotional internalizations.  My writing coach, Alida Winternheimer, critiqued them as, frankly, “boring”.

I couldn’t let their back-stories go.  I wanted to tell the reader all about it.  This created my impasse.  Again Alida hit the nail on the head.  I needed to focus on action not musings.  The former obviously more appropriate for a biotech thriller.

I moved the back-story chapters into my “revision” folder and began a rewrite.  Focusing on “action”, I distilled the “internalization” chapters into one.  A definite improvement.

This year ended on a high note.  The joy of writing has returned.  In closing I want to wish you all a happy, and, more importantly, a healthy New Year.


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3 responses to ““DO…OR DO NOT”


    I wish you the same. Hello to your
    Beautiful wife.

    Tom Stillman
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  2. Well done! Isn’t it so often true that impasses happen when the action peters out? They do for me, anyway. And when the solution pops in, man, the pleasure!


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