I achieved a milestone during the shortest month of the year!  I wrote with abandon.  Enjoying most of it.  Struggled with a couple of chapters, but powered through.  The milestone?  Well kind of a milestone.  The rough draft of the first book of the trilogy is 60% done. Over the hump and on my way!!!

The month ended on a busy note.  A fellow writer, Bill Percy, and his wife, Michele, arrived in Palm Springs.  Bill wrote a wonderful book called Climbing the Coliseum.  I highly recommend it.  Here’s the review I wrote on Amazon:

Bill Percy does an excellent job of blending a variety of characters into a compelling, rich tapestry spread out against the beautiful backdrop of majestic mountains, cattle country, and small town living.  He pulls you in with the conflicts raging within his main character, Ed Northrup, and then keeps you guessing as layers of complexity are added through a teenage girl, a sexy CPA, the malevolent preacher, self absorbed ex-wife, a steadfast rancher, and a former Chicago policewoman.  The story is well crafted, the scenery breathless, and the characters well developed.  You might even emerge with a slight western twang by the time you finish the story.  A wonderful read and well worth it.  Congratulations Mr. Percy on your first novel!   Can’t wait for books two and three.

Yes, Bill is also writing a trilogy.  We spent a little time discussing the craft of writing but mainly enjoyed glasses of wine, sight seeing, hiking, and wonderful meals.  What a fantastic way to end the month.  Again I encourage you to get Bill’s book.  It has received numerous, positive reviews and I guarantee you’ll love it!

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  1. Candy Bridgman

    Enjoyed the Update…Forge ahead. It looks as though you are well on your way. xo Candy


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