Earlier this month as I walked to the mailbox, you could almost see your breath.  The vagaries of spring weather in Minnesota.  Flipping through the mail, excitement warmed my soul looking down at the cover of Vanity Fair.  No, Sofia Vergara didn’t have my heart racing.  Instead, the large gold block letters at the bottom of the cover announcing “STAR WARS”. Han Solo and Chewbacca wistfully looked up at me.

Sitting at the kitchen countertop, I flipped through the pages to find the “Features” section listing the various articles.  No easy task with Vanity Fair since you have to plow through numerous pages of ads.  Scanning quickly, I found “An Empire Reboots” at the top of one page.  Rapidly turning pages, I reached the cover story.  I read voraciously while smiling the entire time.  On the thirteenth page a sentence caused me to stop.  Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm President and the producer, had just convinced J.J. Abrams to direct the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens.  As Abrams warmed up to the idea and finally agreed, Kennedy, watching this transformation, stated, “He turned back into an 11-year-old boy.”

“That’s me. 100 percent. Peter Pan!”  I’m a kid at heart.  Love talking to anyone who will listen about dinosaurs, Transformers, Marvel Comic characters, Star Trek, etc.  In most cases it is someone younger.  I go to all the movies in this genre.  In 2007, I attended the first Transformer movie.  Yup, I sat in the theatre with the rest of the 15-year-old boys.  So it shouldn’t be any surprise that this December, I will be one of the first people in line to see the latest Star Wars release.

You also no longer need to wonder why I am writing a biotech thriller.  My imagination still runs rampant.  The trilogy is progressing and I am enjoying the process.  I’m about 75 percent done with the rough draft of the first book, but developing a good story is harder than I imagined.

I recently sent a sample of my writing to my editor/writing coach, Alida Winternheimer.  In my view, this draft represented one of my best efforts.  She returned it with a variety of constructive comments.  My shoulders slumped in disappointment.  As I reviewed her criticisms, my lips extended as my cheeks once again rose.  You could almost hear the thud of the arrow hitting the bullseye. I’m definitely up for the challenge.

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  1. Another Star Wars flick?! Fantastic — and if you;re the first in line for tickets, I’ll be right behind you! I see now why you chose the topic you did for your books: A kid at heart. Have you read Neal Stepenson’s latest (just out last week), “Seveneves”? Science fiction thriller (but an awful lot of science talked about too). Very good.



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