You are correct in your assumption.  The rough draft, and I mean rough draft, of the first book of the trilogy, is done.  What comes next?  In one word, “rewrites”.  Not sure how long this process will take, but I am assuming at least another year.  Remember, a new author usually takes five to ten years to produce their first novel.  I have begun my fourth year of writing.  Hopefully, I can get it published within the five-year time frame.

I had a busy month.  I hosted my book club group, “”No Wives, No Wimps”, on September 9th.  I had the club read Climbing The Coliseum, by Bill Percy.  Bill and I met through our spouses.  He and his wife, Michele, live in Idaho.  They had planned a trip to Minneapolis.  After graciously shifting their schedule, Bill was able to attend my meeting.  Everyone had a great time and the club really liked his book.  Quite a compliment since the members are very critical!  Kudos to Bill for getting such rave reviews.  Based on the opinion of my book club (and me), I would definitely encourage you to read his book.  I promise you won’t regret it!!

Since both Bill and Michele are formerly from Minneapolis they hung out for a while.  This enabled Bill and me to attend a Mystery Writers Workshop put on by Marilyn Jax on September 19th.  As you may recall, I met Marilyn through a former work colleague, Bret Farrington.  Marilyn has written five books.  Count them. Five!!  I found her first book The Find a great read.  My second recommendation is that you should definitely read it.  Once hooked, you will read all five.  Both Bill and I picked up her novels at the workshop.

We both felt the workshop reaffirmed what we were doing plus gave us some additional food for thought.  One aspect that proved to be extremely valuable involved a presentation by a detective from the Minneapolis Police Department.  His insights caused Bill and me to rethink our preconceptions.  In my case, his comment about the job of a medical examiner will most likely cause me to revise parts of a chapter I had written.

So September proved to be a very active and fruitful month.  Finally, I came across the following quote from Thomas Mann on writers: “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

Amen to that!!


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2 responses to “PHASE ONE DONE!

  1. Steve Carples

    Mazal Tov! What a wonderful milestone you have reached. Best wishes to you and Marcia for a fruitful and joyous New Year!



    Congratulations Mark, You’re an inspiration. And I loved the Thomas Mann quote.


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