The right foot shifted forward as the opposite back foot moved in unison.  The plodding continued with the left front coupled with the opposite right.  Head and neck stretched as the hard shell lumbered forward.  The synchronized movement slowly propelled the tortoise steadily toward its objective.

The long ears are pulled back flat across its head.  The wind rippled across the soft, fuzzy body.  With fluid movements, it knifed forward.  Suddenly, its body crunched together as muscles stopped.  Distracted, it lifted its nose straight up and sniffed the air with a wiggle. Then the hare suddenly dashed in another direction.

This month I mimicked the hare.  Dashing here and there as life presented wonderful distractions.  Hopefully next month I will plod forward like the tortoise and complete my rewrite.

As I contemplated my missed deadline, a song popped into my head.  A large metronome made a tick tock sound.  A soft voice cried in the background.  Slowly momentum increased through a single drum and cymbal beat as an electric guitar twanged in the background.  The rift continued for several beats until a staccato drum flourish introduced the lyrics as the tempo rose.  Halfway through the song, a voice uttered the word “Time” over and over again.  The word echoed and vibrated as the underlying beat reverberated.

A combination of psychedelic rock, soul, and acid rock drove this 1968 song by the Chambers Brothers to the top of the charts.  A time of unrest rolled across the country and “Time Has Come Today” captured it perfectly.  Take a listen and wait for the end of the song. It is definitely worth it! Click on or paste the following link into your browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRsUlQDEQj8


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5 responses to “TIME

  1. Ah, deadlines! As if we retired in order to set new ones! You’ll finish, Old Tortoise–but how good is it that we also have time to play?!


  2. “One day at a time is the secret to building momentum.” Enjoy ….you are there. xoxo Your Big Sis


  3. kohlrogge@comcast.net

    Thanks, I really enjoyed that.


  4. What a great description of an all-time favorite song from those turbulent years. Also love your hare description!!! Looking forward to the next update!!


  5. Thanks Kathy. Appreciate your continued support


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