As the eyeballs rotated rhythmically back and forth, lids began to flutter. The body shifted. The brain’s electrical activity increased. Slowly one eye opened. Glancing at the clock’s luminous numbers, a soft sigh rushed across parted lips.

A full night of sleep lost. My eye closed, but too late. The brain lit up as images of the prologue for book two emerged. Reworking the sequences, the scene connected. The images running through my mind hopefully painted the correct imagery. As the prologue evolved, I thought about leaving embedded elements for the reader to discover later in the story.

The room remained too dark to illuminate. Wanting to avoid any disturbance, I memorized the scenes leaving details somewhat sketchy. Praying my memory would remain intact and concise. The morning light melted blackness into grey.

The daily routine began. My brain recounted key factors. After breakfast, I sat down with a legal pad and pen. I reconstructed my earlier musings. Several pages later I stopped. Ripping them away, I stapled the pages together and wrote across the top. “Prologue Book 2”

I’ve discussed how certain elements of the writing process have remained absolutely fun. One factor always surprised me. Out of thin air, creation occurred. I never know when it will happen. Walking. Driving. Eating. Awaking. Suddenly the thoughts I’ve randomly mulled come together. When I wrote them down, I was excited. When I reviewed them later, the excitement remained or a question arose: “What was I thinking?” In any case, this act of spontaneity definitely brought joy to the process.

The tortoise continued to work on the re-write of book one. Honestly, I don’t know when completion will occur. Initially, I envisioned whipping through it, but as I have learned, the reality of writing still remained harder than imagined. Perhaps Spring will spur me toward the conclusion of this phase. One can only hope!!


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3 responses to “RESTLESS NIGHT

  1. Anthony Eben

    I don’t know what you wrote here and really don’t care. What happened to my friend the hippy revolutionary who adored Dean Lee and “Mad Mell’. Watching bad White Sox baseball, playing chess with Franny, annual comps, and most importantly, a little smoke on Friday nites. Best, Eben


    • Tony, definitely a wonderful surprise. How did you get my blog entry?

      So what happened to your radical friend? As you know, finished law school. Moved to Minneapolis, MN and practiced for 14 years. Had a mid-life career change. Began as an investment advisor at a small local firm. Then got hired by Norwest Bank in their trust department. Norwest later acquired Wells Fargo. Worked there as an investment advisor for high net worth individuals for 20 years.

      Retired in 2012 and decided to do something I always wanted. Write a novel. Started my bog in the fall of 2012 and have been on my journey for the past 3+ years. Writing turned out to be more challenging than I initially thought.

      After writing about 200 pages of my novel, I met a local Indie editor. She suggested I create a trilogy. I hired her and just completed the rough draft of the first book. Currently, as my blog entry stated, working through my first re-write.

      My email is Drop me a line when you have a moment. Love to catch up with my crazy, rugby roommate.


  2. Hey, Mark, you said it so well — the sheer, unexpected joy of creating! Ironically, that’s close to the topic of my recent blog post too! Great minds . . . 😉 Bill


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