The title definitely represents an oxymoron. Rewriting has taken more time than I imagined. Culling out passive words. Making a sentence more concise and descriptive. Creating imagery instead of explanations. The process also produces satisfaction representing the fun.

Below is an example from my rough draft and its rewrite. Hopefully the changes have generated some improvement.


Rough Draft

“It had been a long day. Donna once again stood on the deck of Jimmy’s ship. This time instead of a wet suit, she was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt with a glass of champagne in her hand.”


“It had been a long day. Legs spread evenly for balance, Donna stood on the deck of Jimmy’s ship. With her wet suit stowed, she had dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. The warm ocean air caressed her skin as she held a glass of champagne.”


If I stay on schedule, my rewrites will be in the possession of my editor, Alida, in August. I can then take a breath and wait for her corrections. I anticipate many more rewrites in the future.

My friend and author, Bill Percy, just completed the ninth rewrite of his second book. His series takes place in the rugged Monastery Valley of Montana. As one of Bill’s beta readers, I lapped up the story. Bill’s characters from the first book, plus a few new ones, create a very intriguing story. It should be published later this year.

As always, I have encouraged that you support indie writers. Please read Bill’s first book Climbing the Coliseum. I’m sure you will enjoy it plus you’ll be caught up for his second. Have a great summer!


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2 responses to “TEDIOUS BUT FUN!

  1. kohlrogge@comcast.net

    Nice sample of your rewriting — it really shows how what was good can be improved. Looking forward to our next coffee/walk/lunch.


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