I enjoyed my efforts this month. Previously, I told you about the necessity of reducing the chapters dealing with my antagonist. As I proceeded to pare these down, I found myself adjusting the story. Was this chapter necessary? Does the chapter move the story line forward? Does enough tension exist to engage the reader? Are the characters interesting?

Going through this caused me to print out all the chapters involving the microbe. This character creates the biotech element in the story. I plan to also adjust and reduce these chapters, making them more relevant and engaging for the reader.

I have enjoyed this challenge and remain pleased with how the story line has evolved. I am sure my editor will have more constructive criticisms. All I can say at this point is: “Bring it on!”

My work continues and hopefully I will complete the re-write by the end of September. Overall, as I crank through the process of writing my novel,

I believe the end result will definitely be worth the effort.

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    I enjoyed the blog, and the game yesterday. I’ll call you in a couple weeks for coffee and/or a walk.


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