“Ode to Joy”

As you’ve previously read, writing involves many ups and downs. Completing a chapter, I would re-read surmising Wow, that’s really good! Or This is terrible! Oscillating between these two points of reflection, I found joy more often. These emotions most likely happened equally, but joy outweighed disappointment.

When I recently expressed how much I enjoy writing, my spouse questioned my sanity. Over the past four years, she personally experienced the work, frustration, and angst I had about producing something worthwhile. I’m sure more of the same exists in the future, but as I approach the end of my first re-write, (Yes, I’m close to being done!) I sense more enjoyment.

The numerous characters have evolved. They are different from their initial creation. I have enjoyed their journey. Some survive but others don’t. I sense loss for characters leaving. An odd emotion for the imaginary, but hopefully my readers will experience the same.

The scenes I have re-written have evolved from telling to describing (or at least in most cases). I find them titillating my imagination. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit, for the first time, Santa Cruz, California where the first book takes place. I smiled looking out at the various scenes realizing I came fairly close in my descriptions.

Completion of my re-write should occur sometime in September. As I move forward toward that goal, the notes of Ludwig van Beethoven’s final movement of his Ninth Symphony, “Ode to Joy”, drifted though my mind. The melody giving rise to my assertion that the journey has actually infused itself with enjoyment.

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