As you know, I sent the rough draft of the first book of my trilogy to my writing coach last month. Like me many of Alida’s clients had been busy over the summer. When my manuscript hit her desk, more than ten others appeared making a large stack. In addition, Alida just launched her new book, The Story Works Guide to Writing Character, on how to develop strong characters. Toward the end of this month, with her plate overflowing, she advised that my manuscript would be next in the queue. Hopefully, I will have her edits shortly.

In the meantime, I read her book on character development. It drove home the point that with any endeavor writing involves learning a process. In the beginning I believed I could simply crank out a story. Over the past several years I discovered my initial concept had been naïve. Writing involves learning a craft. Specific steps need to be taken as one develops a story. After reading Alida’s book, I anticipate numerous edits that, if executed correctly, will make my story stronger.

Waiting for the return of my manuscript allowed my batteries to be recharged. I’m ready to get back to work as soon as it lands on my desk with a loud thump.

Check out the following links:

For the “Story Works Guide”:


For novels by Alida:


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  1. Candy Bridgman

    Congrats on your progress. This should be an exciting time for you…waiting for the next step


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