As the rabbit flies by the plodding tortoise, another month has passed. I continue to toil with my rewrites. Basically I’ve been stuck on the “Prologue” attempting to connect the potential reader with my story. A task that is harder than you may think.

I’m not sure how long it will take to complete the current rewrite, but I did receive some solace from the acknowledgement by Terry Hayes in his 2014 first novel, I Am Pilgrim.

Mr. Hayes is an award winning writer and producer of numerous movies. His novel is a 607-page thriller worthy of your attention. In acknowledging those who helped him he stated: “I think it was John Irving, the winner of both the National Book Award for a novel and the Oscar for a screenplay, who said, ‘Writing a movie is like swimming in a bath; writing a novel is like swimming in the ocean.’ I had read that comment long before I embarked on Pilgrim, but even then I wasn’t prepared for just how big the ocean was and how much effort it would take to cross it.”

Amen, Mr. Hayes. I totally concur!

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