I’ve been frustrated with my progress this month. Having an analytical mind, I wanted to discover its source. My editor/writing coach completed the first edit back in November. She stated the story had good structure. The changes wouldn’t involve a tear down, but just a remodel. She wanted me to focus on nine areas that needed improvement.

Naively I hoped for just a couple of tweaks and then preparation for publication. My story needs much more work and this became the source of my frustration.

The spontaneity of the rough draft had disappeared. Now every sentence requires more introspection and the judicious use of words.

Additionally, elements I really liked had to be “remodeled”. For example, I enjoyed describing a damselfish “pugnaciously defending its territory like a feisty Tinker Bell”. This reference to Peter Pan’s loyal servant ended up on the cutting floor as being too cute for my thriller genre. My editor/writing coach hit the nail on the head, but I’ll still miss this image.

My friend, Bill Percy, who has published two novels told me: “I enjoy the work after the editor has gotten done with it. Always feels like the work gets stronger, and the ‘art’ more creative”.

I do find myself getting more creative. I just have to accept this segment of the process. It’s time for me to take a deep breath and move forward.


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4 responses to “CONFESSION

  1. diane g

    I liked your descriptive sentence about the damselfish, too!! Clearly paints a visual!



    I liked your descriptive sentence about the damselfish, too!! Clearly paints a visual! Keep up the good work… you are tenacious! I admire all that you are putting into this novel. dg


    • Thanks, Diane. Appreciate your support! Tinker Bell does paint a visual of her flitting around. But I agree with my editor that for a biotech thriller, it’s too cute. A thriller needs to raise tension.


  3. Mark,

    Somehow, I have stopped getting notices of your posts, so I’ve missed the last few. Sorry about that. How shocking to have a visual of Tinker Bell lying, dead, on the cutting room floor! But you’re right, it’s a bit precious for a biotech thriller! I’ll send some mental “rewrite catnip” your way. Hope it works (and works for me too–my next novel comes back from my editor tomorrow, and she says, “just a little heavy lifting required”–which usually means I need to fire up the shredder!



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