I’ve revised the opening chapters. Although their “Rewrite #2” composition has completely disappeared, several scenes will be reborn in later chapters.

I had fun adding more punch and intrigue. I assume my writing coach/editor will have further suggestions, but I believe I’m on the right path. As previously mentioned, a more focused approach has lead to more creativity.

The next hurdle involves getting my sensory images flowing. My protagonist has been brought to the emergency room after a shark attack. I currently describe the scene but not from my hero’s perspective. I have to portray what he’s experiencing. A transformation is taking place. My writing coach suggested I do some research on werewolves. How do the authors of this genre describe the metamorphosis?

My hero isn’t a werewolf, but something unusual is happening to him. It will be fun to escalate this enigma. I’ll be doing some research before jumping back into writing.

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