I completed my research on transformations this month. I read portions of two books by Anne Rice (Interview With The Vampire and The Wolf Gift), the opening chapters of The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan, and articles about NDE. My writing coach recommended all of these, but before learning about extrasensory perception, I had to look up the meaning of “NDE” (Near Death Experiences).

I found all of them instructive. Anne Rice’s descriptions were very Victorian even though the werewolf novel occurred in more modern times. Glen Duncan made me chuckle when his werewolf described his existence in the present (“Two nights ago I’d eaten a forty-three-year-old hedge fund specialist. I’ve been in a phase of taking the ones nobody wants.”) The NDE’s mainly described out of body experiences.

Toward the end of the month, I attempted to incorporate what I learned into describing how my protagonist coped with his new, amazing skill sets. I found my writing flowed onto the page more like molasses than water. I guess learning new techniques will take some time.

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