(Note to Followers/Readers: At the end of October, I won’t publish a blog entry. The next entry will be November 30, 2017.)

At the beginning of September, I gave serious consideration to throwing in the towel. After much soul searching, a decision occurred. I would continue to write.

As mentioned in previous months, I’ve been struggling. How can I manage the nine various improvements required for a better story? Focus on one and rewrite eight more times? It appeared to be a Sisyphean task.

The breakthrough came when I decided to alter the process by writing chunks of material. I would complete a few consecutive chapters focusing on several major improvements. Then I would review and incorporate the other issues I needed to address per my editor. By breaking the rewrite into reasonable segments, I could avoid the constant loop of rolling the stone up the hill.

I’ll update you in November. In the meantime, I went to a toy store for my grandchildren (even at my age, I still love perusing toy stores so I use my grandchildren as an excuse). On the shelf was the toy “Magic 8 Ball”. I hope you remember it from your childhood. You ask it a question and roll it over for the answer.

So I picked it up and softly stated: “Will my novel ever be finished?” Rolling it over the following answer appeared: “Everything points to a Yes.”

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