In my travels last month, a cousin approached me. Paraphrasing our discussion she basically stated I should give up on my novel. When I asked why, she replied your blog makes it seem so painful.

I was taken aback. I reassured her that I still actually enjoyed the process, but realized that my recent blog entries could have represented one long whine. Next month the eighth episode of the Star Wars saga will appear. Using it, I will attempt to redeem myself.

Writing my overall concept for the trilogy and the first book represented episode four, A New Hope. Beginning my journey as a writer contained apprehension and thrills similar to Luke Skywalker maturation. His adventure ended with the triumphant destruction of the Death Star and mine with the draft of book one.

My angst arose after the first edit of my second rewrite. My psyche filled with doubt and trepidation. I wondered if I could actually complete the task at hand. The rebel forces in episode five, The Empire Strikes Back, had a similar journey. All felt lost as the Empire continued to have successes against the main characters and Luke realized Darth Vader was his father. The future of the rebellion remained uncertain, as did my ability to write.

As I move forward with revising the first book, I am confident that I will learn and master the skills necessary to write an engaging novel. Like Luke in episode six, Return of the Jedi, I will complete my training by facing my fears and becoming a published novelist (perhaps even a Jedi knight).

Yoda’s quote continues to resonant in my mind: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

May the force be with you!


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