This month I re-started the rewrite of my trilogy (book one). I worked on several chapters and gave myself a pat on the back.

In retrospect, these efforts lacked the intensity of past efforts. The pat on the back recognized my self-motivation, but in reality fell abysmally short.

My resolution for next year is to complete this rewrite sooner than later. In 2018, I resolve to put aside specific days each week for at least two hours of writing. From past experience, I know the execution of this plan will propel me toward my goal.

Once achieved, I’m sure another rewrite will appear in my future. Ah, the joys and tribulations of writing.

As 2017 draws to a close, I wish you and your families a healthy, happy New Year!


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2 responses to “DIPPED MY TOE IN

  1. Ward Rantala

    Mark, I have silently been following your journey as an author and just thought I’d check in. I think journey is the best term; “struggle” would trend to the negative and I don’t think any personal growth experience should ever be couched that way. I can’t imagine how much you have learned since you started, which from personal experience, only exposes how much you don’t know or haven’t learned about a new field of endeavor. I find language to be an overwhelming art. It has it’s rules – seemingly millions of them – but the combinations and permutations are more limitless than music. Being grounded by the precision of quantitative wiring only exacerbates my paranoia of the unknown. Our business was numbers, facts (well, tortured facts anyway), and consequential, contemplated reasoning. The only common value that math and writing have is starting at zero. Math has finite patterns and precise conclusions – writing possibilities emanate in all directions from the core like the ever expanding universe. Glad to see you are persevering against the pull of the black hole. Hope all else is well with you and yours.

    Ward Rantala


  2. Ward, I sent you an email. Did you get it?


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