When I first started writing I assumed it would be like one of my investment updates. After few revisions, I could send it to my clients. From conception to publication, I worked on the update several days. I got rave reviews. So I thought how hard can it be to write a novel?

Three hundred times harder! As an example, I have re-written my shark attack scene multiple times in an attempt to capture what Peter Benchley did in his novel Jaws. As you read his opening chapter, the tension builds. Oblivious to the shark, the woman continues her night swim. Here’s an excerpt:

“The fish smelled her now, and the vibrations-erratic and sharp-signaled distress. The fish began to circle close to the surface. Its dorsal fin broke the water, and its tail, thrashing back and forth, cut the glassy water with a hiss. A series of tremors shook its body.

 For the first time, the woman felt fear, but she did not know why….”

As a reader, I knew what was going to happen, but didn’t know how it would conclude. In just a few paragraphs, Benchley had me hooked.

My main character encounters a shark during a perfect afternoon of surfing off the coast of Santa Cruz, California. I have attempted to duplicate Benchley’s imagery and tension. So far I have failed, but will continue to re-write this section until I get it perfect (or as close as I can).

I’m often asked, “How’s the writing?” When I respond “hard”, now you’ll know what I mean.

Here’s a YouTube clip of the theme music from the movie Jaws (last 2 minutes but the first 20 seconds will send a chill down your spine)


NOTE: I’ve decided to shift my blog updates to quarterly instead of monthly. Unless there is a strong outcry from my followers, I will write the March blog next month with the next postings in June, September, December and the following March.


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3 responses to “JAWS

  1. jfarkel

    I vote every day but knowing that won’t be executed, I still like the monthly emails. At my age, if you write just one a quarter, I’ll forget what you are writing about! Jon


    • Thanks, Jon. Appreciate the input but most likely I’ll go to quarterly updates. If you forget what I’m writing about, just call and we can go to lunch for a more detailed update. (big smile)!!


  2. Liz Rose

    I support the quarterly blog posts. Seems wise.


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