The first three months of 2019 have passed swiftly like Minnesota melting snow. I’ve got some more work done, but the completion of my third rewrite remains distant.

Earlier in this quarter, a friend, who is also writing, requested to see what I’ve accomplished. I asked my spouse to copyedit several chapters. When finished, she commented that my writing was very good. So after taking a deep breath, I sent my friend several revised chapters. I waited expectantly for the comments.

In 1978 Quaker Oats ran an ad for a new cereal called Life. The set up involved three boys sitting at a breakfast table. One boy stated, “It’s supposed to be good for you.” Then the two boys debated who was going to try it first. They decided to give it to Mikey since he hated everything. With focused anticipation, they watched Mikey. As he dug into the cereal shoveling spoonfuls into his mouth, they proclaimed, “He likes it!”

When my friend called and discussed my chapters, I had the same reaction. Now I’m extremely motivated to finish!

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    Well,well…how about sending some to Chief A.K.? He has nothing to do this time of year in the YoYo Islands and who know what suggestions he might make. Maybe giving it a little island flare!Jon


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