“CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES (by David Bowie-1971)

The lyrics of Bowie’s song don’t directly apply to my situation, but they do reflect how, during our lives, change continues to occur. Some of you already know that my spouse and I are moving to California. The rationale revolves around seeing more of our grandchildren and assisting our oldest daughter with a new baby.

With change swirling around us, I’ve had little time to write. However, creation hasn’t been completely dormant. I’ve been thinking about various scenarios to maximize tension within my story line. So all is not lost.

Once settled in as Californians, I hope to dedicate more time toward the completion of the novel, which will definitely cause me to be “Under Pressure” (Queen/Bowie, 1982)

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One response to ““CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES (by David Bowie-1971)

  1. Liz Rose

    Enjoy the exciting changes! All good.


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