To paraphrase a famous quotation, the road to “writing a novel” is paved with good intentions.

I did have good intentions but I found myself, as President, consumed by HOA matters.  Covid-19 has created a demanding environment requiring numerous protocols and responses to homeowner issues.  However, and you’ve heard this before, hopefully everything will calm down allowing me to progress.

I did watch the 2016 rerun of Star Trek Beyond.  When it came out, I found it very entertaining.  I’m an avid “Trekkie”.  This time I watched it through the eyes of a storyteller.  I realized the audience got hooked in the opening comical sequence.  Captain Kirk presented an artifact to the inhabitants of a new world as a peace offering.  They rejected it as offensive and the inhabitants of tiny lions attacked the good Captain.  Beamed up he realized, his diplomatic mission had failed.

The story continues to evolve rapidly as events keep the viewer guessing about outcomes.  Sequentially the scenes peel back layers revealing new characters and challenges for the Enterprise crew. The viewer doesn’t begin to realize the significance of the artifact until after the Enterprise is attacked.  All this leads to an exciting climax.

If I could construct my first novel following this format, I would be extremely pleased.  I’ve made notes on how the movie kept the viewer engaged.  So may I “live long and prosper”.

Stay safe and be well.

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