Thank you for checking out my blog.  My name is Mark and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It is a city located in the northern section of the United States, which will eventually become a vacation destination for those who want to cool off.

I am the “blooming” novelist.  The concept for my novel has been bouncing around in my brain for several years.  I would tentatively discuss it with anyone willing to listen, but was always shy about revealing its nature.  I would first test the waters by indicating I have this crazy idea about writing a novel.  Depending on the response I would then go into more depth.  The fear of a smirk, a chuckle, or god forbid a complete rejection kept me from talking about it more openly.  Obviously, I have now jumped off the bridge into the writing process leaving these fears behind.

Initially, I thought, I could move the process from the abstract to the concrete by simply discussing it.  However, although I made copious notes and cut out related articles which stimulated my imagination, I did not commence the actual process of putting words to paper.

After fourteen years of practicing law and twenty-five years as an investment manager, I retired on May 1, 2012.  My retirement was the catalyst.  Now that I had the time, there was no excuse.  So, for the second time in my life, I stood on the edge of an abyss and stepped off into the unknown.

The name of my novel is The Infiltrator.  It is a story about two sisters, a Navy Seal and a registered dietitian who discover an alien microbe that has evaded the earth’s ecosystem.  Creating a symbiotic relationship with its’ host, the microbe assimilates the characteristics of each organism as it moves up the earth’s biological chain until it finally reaches the ultimate predator, humans.  Fighting against the skepticism of scientists and government agencies, the two sisters and a cadre of companions must fight alone against this threat using their respective intelligence, wit, and strengths as the microbe changes one human into the ultimate killing machine.

Have fun reading my blog as I chronicle the process and struggles I face getting this tale from concept to publication.

Mark, the “blooming” novelist

3 responses to “About

  1. Philip

    Some of what’s being said is unclear to me. Does the microbe become like the host, or does the host become like the microbe? I believe the point is that the microbe becomes like the host, for we are told that man, the final link in the earth’s biological chain, is “the ultimate predator.” That is, man has the potential to become “the ultimate killing machine.” The introduction of the microbe into the human being somehow triggers the actualization of the ultimate killing machine. If that’s the idea, is human nature really all that ravenous before it becomes transformed through the microbe’s doings? How is it that man before the microbe is the ultimate predator? Is it shown in the story that this is so? Congratulations and best wishes to the author!


  2. Cathy Broms

    Excited to hear all about this! We wish you the best of luck! Love, Cathy & Dick


  3. Beth Hoffman

    Mark, I found you business card in my wallet, and, now your Blog. Thank you for sharing it. I love it! Best, Beth Hoffman


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